Cubbyhouse (2001) Hindi Dubbed

Story: After a troubled divorce in the United States, Lynn Graham returns to her hometown in Australia with her teenage son Danny and the children Ivan and Natalie that were born in America. Lynn can only afford to buy and old house nearby her sister’s home and the real state agent Bill omits the clause that the house should never be sold to a family with children. Ivan and Natalie are fascinated by the wendy house in the backyard and soon they are possessed by an evil force that is trapped within the cubby house. Meanwhile Danny dates his next door neighbor Bronwyn and they meet the disturbed Harlow, whose brother Harrison has been interned in a madhouse for thirty years after slaughtering his two children in a satanic ritual in the cubby house. Danny has nightmares and notes that the behavior of his siblings is weird. Further, he finds that they have drawn the cubby house exactly identical to the drawing made by the diseased children.
Director: Murray Fahey
Writers: Ian Coughlan, Murray Fahey
Stars: Joshua Leonard, Belinda McClory, Lauren Hewett

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